Saturday, November 12, 2016

Punching Tiny spaces

TIP: for punching tiny spaces, eyes, etc.

Let's talk about tiny spaces, notice the wagon wheels, this is a very small space.
Most people work small to large in a punch. Meaning you do all the small spaces first then work your way to larger spaces. I myself don't generally work that way, For the most part, I work the opposite. Because of the color coding, I like to get the colors and especially the tone values correct for you. Working the opposite helps me to do this! 
As a general rule, I do suggest you work small to large.

I follow many punchers on Facebook! Yeapers I do!
I see many punchers tend to overwork the tiny areas, eyes especially. 
Have you ever punched an eye where it looks like a big blob? It's much bigger in perspective to the rest of the face. Yeap, we all have at one time or another over punched a tiny area.
My suggestion: If you can fit 6 stitches in a tiny area, reduce it to 3 or 4.  This will help reduce the blob effect. A dot for an eye may only be 1 or 2 loops. Go ahead, punch one loop or 2 loops, don't worry they will hold. Here's what happens, As you continue to punch the loops around those one or two loops, the weavers cloth fibers or threads move and pinch the loops to hold them taught. Am I making sense I hope so. 

So as a helper guide: Don't over punch tiny areas.

Enjoy Punching,


  1. Makes sense, Kate! Will give it a try.

  2. Thank you Valerie for your comment......give it a try and let me know what you think!

  3. I am curious how you keep the back so nice an neat. Where are your thread ends from changing floss colors?

    1. Sue...You can clip them at the level of the loops...front and back... no problem they will not come out!

  4. I do that on the front but haven't on the back......such a simple solution, I am a doofus!! Thanks so much!

    1. Not a doofus, we all learn something new Daily, your welcome!

  5. How do you keep your hand from hurting?
    Loosen the grip?