Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Explanation: my patterns on Etsy

An explanation of my patterns:

The first page of a pattern: includes the name of the pattern, plus a punched picture of the pattern itself. This picture helps as a guide to the colors I have chosen. (Feel free to change the colors to anything that you wish). The Back gives you the Pattern number, It also lets you know whether or not the pattern includes a color code and which brand of flosses I chose for the finished product. The size of the pattern is at the top. and the rules for selling the finished product.

The next page is a black and white image (not reversed) for anyone that would like to use the image for use as a rug hooking pattern, embroidery pattern etc. These needleworkers use a transfer from the top of the canvas. Feel free to blow it up or shrink it down as you wish! 

front of punch

Now punch needle and rug punch are worked from the back. (In reverse) The pattern needs to be reversed, you will actually be working with the back of the pattern. When you turn it over the little loops then the become the front of the punch.

OK... The color code.....The final page is the color code. This page gives you the colors I used to complete the punch. They are suggestions, so please feel free to replace colors with the colors you prefer. Many of my patterns  have the actual thread color printed in the section itself...but over time I have added a letter to replace the actual thread color number. Hope this makes sense?....FOR EXAMPLE (A = 169) DMC floss number 169, so you would punch all the sections with an A in it with DMC floss color #169. This works like a paint by number. except its punch by number. Get it?




Now in the Printed Listing, you have options. (printed listings are by snail mail only!)

When you order the Printed listing you will receive all the above, The front and back cover with photo of finished piece, the BW Pattern, the REVERSED pattern, and the color code all contained in a plastic sleeve to keep it safe.

Option 1).  just the paper pattern itself

Fat quarter of weavers cloth
Printed pattern

Option 2: You get the sleeved paper pattern, with a plain fat quarter of weavers cloth.
A fat quarter of fabric measures approximately: 18" by 22"

Fat quarter with printed pattern
Printed pattern

Option 3: The pattern in sleeve, plus a black and white image of the pattern reversed for punch needle on a fat quarter of weavers cloth.

I hope I was able to explain my Etsy patterns clearly. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will try and answer them the best I can.

Happy Punching!

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