Sunday, November 15, 2015

Choosing your Fabric

Choosing your Fabric?

What kind of fabric should I punch on? This is one of the most common asked questions. Approximately 95% of the punchers will say weavers cloth. I would also like to say weavers cloth is not monks cloth these are two different fabrics. Weaver's cloth can be found at your local fabric store or online. The unfortunate part is most of the salespeople have no clue of what you are talking about, so it does turn into a hide and seek situation. It is usually found near the heavy weights, but keep in mind major fabric stores love to switch things around, to keep you on your toes!

End of Bolt from JoAnn Fabrics



Now I want you to remember I am an artist and artists are always switching things up, trying new things, we love trial and error! So with that said.....I love trying new fabrics. 

Punched directly on Linen

Dress makers linen is one of my favorites! The color is gorgeous, and coffee stains beautifully for a primitive look! It is a bit different in the punch feel, a little looser, smoother, but holds the loops beautifully. There is also no need for a finished backing if you are going to finish your work as a foot stool or pillow etc. 

Punched Directly on Quilters Cotton

Quilters fabrics, are also one of the fabrics I have punch on, but keep in mind they are not as forgiving for mistakes, pulling the loops out does make the fibers weak. So be careful! Quilters fabric come in many prints so keep in mind, you work on the back of the punch, so your transfer must be on the back side of the printed fabric.

Punched on Gingham

Generally speaking, you need a close weave fabric. Punching a line of loops and then punching another line beside it - moves the threads of the fabric over to hold them in place. A loose weave fabric does not do this so watch that your fabrics are of a small weave or your loops will become uneven or even non existent.


  1. I am new at punch needle rug hooking. My class, sponsored by a yarn shop, used the Oxford Punch Needle and Monk's cloth. I'm interested in buying cloth with the pattern already transferred and find that many say "weaver's cloth." Can I use "weaver's cloth" with the #9 Ocford Punch Needle and 3 ply wool yarn? Or is the weaver's cloth for embroidery thread?

  2. Hi, Weavers cloth will not work with the oxford needle and yarn the weave is much to's great for punch needle. You will need Monks cloth or hookers linen... many designers including me draw the pattern on the cloth for you. Hope this helps....Kate

  3. Can you use Aida fabric 14 count for punch needle

  4. Have you ever punched on cotton canvas?