Friday, October 2, 2015

Threaders-Threading your Needle


Cameo Ultra Punch Needle including handle: (6" long)

Cameo Ultra punch threader: (9 1/4" long) 

Feed the threader up through the needle tube and handle until the threader comes out the top, The threader tape will stop the needle from slipping all the way through.  Next feed the  thread through the threader eye and gently pull up so the thread locks into the threader eye. Pull the thread through the needle handle until the thread comes out the tip. Release the thread from the threader by gently pulling down.

Next, thread the threader from back to front of the needle eye. Note: the front of the needle is the section that is beveled. The picture shows the beveled front of the needle.
If you thread the needle from front to back your loops will not form.
This is a common mistake with beginners! 

When you have inserted the threader, insert the thread through the threader.   Pull up gently to lock your thread into the top of the threader and pull the threader through the needle eye. 

This is the way your threaded needle should look.
NOTICE: The thread comes down the neck of the needle and thru the eye.
Remove the threader. And you're ready to punch!


This is the CTR Needle with a CTR 
(Threader: 5 1/4" long) 
(Needle Length including handle: 3 1/4")

Beveled front of needle and close up of threader.

Close up of side view of needle, notice again the pointed beveled edge.

Insert threader up the neck of the needle starting from the needle end, loop end of threader first.

This is a picture showing the threader inserted up the neck of the needle, notice the loop of the threader is now out the top with plenty of the threader to grasp out the bottom.
NOTICE: The silver bar on the needle itself this is there to show you the front, beveled side of your needle.

Insert the thread through the loop of the threader, gently pull up to lock the thread into place. Be gentle so as not to pull the threader out of the needle at the bottom.

Pull the threader through the neck of the needle and out the tip.

Pull the thread long enough out of the tip, about three to four inches,  leave the thread in the threader and immediately without re-threading the threader......

place the end of the threader thru the front beveled side or front of the needle eye....

to the back of the needle eye as shown.
NOTE: unlike the Cameo you only have to thread the threader once, a bonus when punching.

Your needle is now threaded and you're ready to punch!

Once you get the hang of threading the needle it will become second nature. 
If you are having trouble and the loops are not forming your problem is more often than not the threading of the needle. There are also many videos available to help you on youtube. 

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Happy Punching,